We believe in local

At Three Bags Full we believe in local, on so many levels.

Local farmers and food producers are our neighbours they live here, they keep their animals here, they make their food here, they represent what is so lovely about living in Bath, just as much as the world famous Georgian architecture. It is a pleasure to help give their lovely fresh, local produce the best distribution we can.

And by keeping it local we can help ensure these local producers get to keep a much higher proportion of the retail price.

And then there is the issue of food miles. At Three Bags Full local means no further than 15 miles from Bath. That means two things: first, that fresh food reaches you faster, and therefore of course fresher; and second, nothing will have travelled further than 15 miles, meaning the environmental impact of delivery is kept to an absolute minimum.

And buying local also helps stimulate the local economy by highlighting those gaps in the market that oblige people to shop out of town. Often those gaps can be filled by a local producer, creating job opportunities and helping create a vibrant, flourishing local community.