The Oven

Fresh bread from The Oven

Angie & Nathan started The Oven in 2014; a small wholesale bakery based at Hartley Farm, Winsley, in the beautiful countryside just outside of Bath. Specialising in rustic sourdough bread, everything is made by hand in small batches and delivered by bicycle.

All of their bread is leavened naturally with wild yeasts and slowly fermented. It is made using only organic stoneground flour, sea salt and water. This process, combined with using only stoneground organic flour, gives their bread a unique texture with waves of flavour.

When their ovens are cooling at the end of a day baking sourdough, they also make a delicious granola, made using the very best ingredients and packed with flavour. It’s perfect with milk, yoghurt or indeed, straight out of the bag!

They bake in the early hours of the morning, Wednesday through to Saturday.