New Macdonald’s Farm

Extra fresh eggs from New Macdonald’s Farm

Old Macdonald had a farm… and so do Matt & Lou! The Macdonald family run a small farm on the Neston Estate just outside of Bath. Specialising in rare breed meats and eggs, all their animals and birds are outdoor free range. They all enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and everything Mother Nature has to offer.

Matt & Lou love keeping rare breeds in need of support and educating people about them. They farm according to old fashioned traditional methods, and everything is small scale and very slow grown.

Their pigs live double the lifespan of most commercially reared pigs, all being between 9-14 months old when slaughtered. Matt & Lou believe a well cared for, happy animal or bird will produce a better quality product. None of their animals are fed GM feed, they all have a varied and superior diet to most, and where possible are fed organically. Matt & Lou’s pigs have a partially organic diet. They enjoy organic whey sourced from a local organic cheesemaker. Their hens have regular weekly treats of organic sunflower seeds, organic linseed, and organic kelp powder. This keeps them all in tip top condition, producing great tasting meat and highly nutritious eggs!