Ivy House Farm

Fresh milk from Ivy House Farm

Geoff & Kim Bowles have been producing the freshest organic, unhomogenised, pasteurised milk in the lovely Somerset village of Beckington since the early eighties. Today their herd numbers some 120 Jersey cows, they grow all their own feed for the winter, breed all their own calves and produce and package everything at the farm.

Geoff & Kim place great emphasis on animal welfare. Unlike in large industrial dairies, Geoff & Kim milk their cows just once a day at 6am while they eat their organic feed, which is grown on the farm. ‘The once-a-day milking has really helped, our cows aren’t under any pressure here’ says Geoff. ‘We have several 10-year-olds on the farm and that is old for a milking cow.’

Ivy House Farm is a member of The Soil Association and Organic Farmers & Growers, and is part of a countryside stewardship scheme to replant old hedgelines, establish ponds, preserve historic areas and encourage old plant species and wildlife areas.