Hartley Farm Butchers

Fresh meat & poultry from Hartley Farm Butchers

The Bowles family at Hartley Farm have been livestock farmers for five generations, and they take their meat very seriously. When they opened the farm shop back in 2008 the butcher’s counter really was the cornerstone, selling their own meat from the farm but also providing a marketplace for other local farmers too. This hasn’t changed to this day.

Each week Hartley Farm’s butchers source directly from local farmers to make sure they know exactly where their meat is from, which is never very far. This provides the butchers with whole carcasses which they dry age and prepare from nose to tail. Just like a proper butchers should. All their beef either comes from their own herd of Aberdeen Angus or from a small selection of local farms in Wiltshire and Somerset from grass-fed beef herds. Lamb is sourced either next door at Church Farm, Winsley by another of the Bowles family, Steve, or from Lenton Farm in Broughton Gifford by Steve Carnie. Pork is outdoor bred from Cameron Naughton in Bishop’s Sutton near Devises and free range poultry from Stuart Perkins’ farm in Radstock, Somerset.

Under the guidance of 5th generation farmer and owner, Tom Bowles, Hartley Farm has reinvented its farming business and been able to grow its Angus beef herd as well as offering a fair and sustainable market for other local farmers through its farm shops and kitchens. Hartley Farm is now also home to a community of young, vibrant food artisan businesses growing everything from fruit and vegetables to baking organic bread and brewing beer.