The Bertinet Bakery

Fresh bread from The Bertinet Bakery

The Bertinet Bakery produces a range of exceptional breads and pastries. Bertinet’s bakers use the best ingredients they can find and invest the time and skill needed to create real, honest bread. Their breads never include flour improvers, processing aids or enzymes – instead their bakers use traditional techniques, including the use of ferments, hand moulding loaves and leaving the bread to prove slowly. Richard Bertinet has been a baker for over 30 years and is the author of two award-winning books on bread. He moved to Bath to set up The Bertinet Kitchen where he still teaches bread classes. When customers kept asking where they could buy his bread, he started producing a limited range, at first just on Saturday mornings but soon opening The Bertinet Bakery in the centre of Bath selling a range of breads, pastries, tarts and traiteur. There are now two Bertinet Bakery shops in Bath.