Tea House Emporium

When founder Tim Stoneham met his wife Lenka in the Czech Republic it was the birth of what we now know as Teahouse Emporium. While travelling there, he began to notice how big they were on using herbs for health and how to remedy certain ailments with naturally-occurring products. This struck a chord with Tim, who became fascinated with the wealth of knowledge surrounding tea blends and the different properties that they can have.

Tim and Lenka opened their first shop in Bath in 2006, travelling all over the world selecting the finest teas to sell in their shop. There is a real delight in sourcing beautiful teas that come with their own stories and culture, and while no-one could deny that travelling the globe in search of tea is pretty much as near to perfection as you can get, there is also a more serious reason as to why it is so important to them to visit each plantation in person.

It’s no secret that there have been human rights issues (such as unfair wages) in many tea plantations, and this is something that Tim and Lenka were very aware of when embarking upon their Teahouse Emporium adventure. By visiting plantations, they are able to meet with the managers and pickers, finding out about farming practices, employee welfare and quality control. This means that you can be rest assured that all of the tea that you can buy from Teahouse Emporium is ethically sourced and morally sound.

Granny’s Garden (100g)


Elderberries, beetroot, blackberries, raspberries, black chokeberries, redcurrants, apple, hibiscus aroma, blackberry leaves.

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